Code of Conduct Agreement

Campers and parents should read this code of conduct together, sign, and submit it before arriving at Camp.

The goals of this Code of Conduct are:

• That the rights of all individuals are protected while attending camp.
• To establish a positive and supportive environment for everyone at camp.
• To ensure that breaches of the rules and code of conduct are treated in a fair and consistent manner.


• Campers and parents will be respectful of each other, counselors, staff, and property.
• Campers and parents will behave in a way which does not endanger, intimidate, or interfere with others or their camp experience.
• Campers and parents have the responsibility to follow instructions given by camp staff.
• Campers and parents will promote a kind, inclusive, and accepting atmosphere.
• Campers and parents will inform camp staff of any issues so we can assist and provide help.
• Campers and parents will behave according to this Code of Conduct.

The following forms of behavior are considered a violation of this document, are unacceptable, and could result in the immediate dismissal from camp.

• Bullying, fighting, or any other form of aggressive behavior. (Bullying covers a wide spectrum of actions and language - physical, verbal, or emotional. Camp staff will apply appropriate disciplinary action based on the severity of a camper’s bullying.)
• Behaving in a manner that is dangerous to self or others. This includes cutting or self-harm of any kind.
• Using language that is offensive, sexist, or racist.
• Damaging or vandalizing property of camp, other campers, or counselors.
• Bringing unapproved technology. (This includes any device that has WiFi capabilities.)
• Being in possession of cigarettes, vapes, drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, and/or weapons.

By signing this Code of Conduct, you are acknowledging that not abiding by any of the above policies may result in the immediate dismissal from camp without a refund and may jeopardize the opportunity to return to camp in the future. In addition to these stated policies, a camper may be dismissed from camp for any conduct that negatively affects the camp experience for another camper or is otherwise not in keeping with the spirit of Camp Honey Creek.


My camper and I agree to abide by the above rules and Code of Conduct of Camp Honey Creek. My camper and I fully understand the rules and Code of Conduct as detailed above, and we agree to appropriate disciplinary action should a breach of the rules occur.

Before a decision is made to send a camper home, a camp director will meet with the camper as well as the parent.