It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

June 21, 2017

We had a wonderful Merry Half Christmas yesterday ~ I always wonder what our delivery people think when they see a Christmas tree and all of us dressed in red and green!!! Tonight is our last Cabin Night of the term and then we will start with the tennis and archery tournaments and cook-outs for the Riding and Campcraft clubs.  Saturday is a visiting day from 9 to 2 but NO PICNICS ON SATURDAY.  The Horseshow is Sunday at 9:00 and our gates will open at 8:30.  We will shuttle parents up to the barn beginning at 8:30 (CHC time).  We will have flag raising and a short church service around 11:30ish.  You may picnic with your daughter IF YOU DID NOT HAVE A PICNIC AT TRIBE SHOWS.   Please email or call the office and let us know if you plan on having a picnic on Sunday.  Stay cool.

“Camp is my happy place.”

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