It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

June 29, 2018

Yesterday marked the beginning of tournament time at CHC.  We had Deb archery at 4:30, and Sub Deb tennis and Jr Deb archery after supper.  The Deb riding and campcraft clubs had a special steak (it’s all about the food) cook-out on the hill and all seemed to love that.  Tonight we will have the Robinette and Riflette (archery and riflery clubs) cook-out at the upper shack.  We will also have the Jr Deb tennis tournament and the Sub Debs will have the Gold Rush – they love this activity.  Saturday night we will have a drama production in Coates Hall. 

Sunday morning we will have the Horseshow for all the campers who made the riding clubs (the entire camp is not in the Horseshow) at 9:00 am.  The gates will open at 8:30 so we can shuttle everyone up to the barn by 9:00.  You are welcome to attend, although it is not mandatory.  If you are bringing a picnic for your daughter, please be sure you notify us via email or phone 830 238-4630.  Remember, if you hosted a picnic on Tribe Shows, you may not have another one for Horseshow.  Thanks for your honesty.

“I have learned that some things change and some things don’t and camp friends will always love you.”

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