It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

July 27, 2018

Last night we had Sub Deb Waterfront – the girls did a great job and the Kickapoos were the winners.  Tonight we will have Rock Star in Coates Hall and this activity always amazes me.  Give these girls a microphone and stage and they perform in front of the entire camp without any fears.  It’s wonderful to see them and they don’t worry about being judged by anyone.  The Staff will also make an appearance ~ believe me, we are not as talented as the campers!  I think they just like to see us act crazy.  Saturday night we will have a cook-out on the Waterfront and Sunday we will have our Carnival.  Monday morning we will have a sleep in followed by Water Day!!  Everyone will stay wet all day ~ this is a great break in the routine.  This term is flying by – I look at the calendar and just can’t believe that soon we will be talking about Closing – but not yet.  Remember, no visiting this weekend – Have a great weekend and we will do the same.

“I equate camp with the freedom to just be me.”

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