It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

June 17, 2019

Wow – we had a storm last night!!! We started the movie, “Camp Rock” on the field and then had to send everyone to their cabins as the storm approached. We had one inch of rain and 20 inches of wind and we lost power until 4:50 this morning. Lots of tree damage, but all the girls are fine. Things are good and muddy and as I type this the girls are in Coates Hall finishing the movie. We had another inch of rain this morning and hopefully this is it for the day. I know the girls will have some storm stories after this one – it was LOUD!!!

Our Tribe Show weekend was wonderful. Both tribes did a great job with the shows and Kickapoos won 287 to 269. It always amazes me what they can do in such a short amount of time without any electronics!! Tonight we will have Cabin Song night and that is always a fun time. Cabin 12 was supposed to go on their overnight, but the mud is too deep – that will be rescheduled for another day. It’s a cool 71 degrees and we are all safe and sound and hoping for sunny skies tomorrow and for the rest of this week.

“Camp is my happy place.”

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