It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

June 19, 2019

Monday evening we had Cabin Song night on the field hosted by Cabin 11B and it was great fun. There was so much mud at the overnight spot that Cabin 12 couldn’t go on their overnight. Hopefully, that will be rescheduled soon. All classes are meeting – the only problem is that the Creek is a little too muddy for swimming so the Waterfront department is playing games and are having the Waterfront Cup for a few days until the mud settles. They are having a good time in spite of the mud!! Tonight is Cabin Night and Cabin 12 will get dressed up and go to Bridget’s Basket for their Cabin Night. That will be a fun night for them, for sure. Tomorrow night we are supposed to have Sub Deb Waterfront – we will see how the Creek is. The weather is sunny and warm and all the girls seems so happy.

“The most important thing Camp ever gave me was a home.”

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