It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

June 21, 2019

Last night we had Rock Star in Coates Hall and that is always great fun. Give these girls a microphone and a stage and all sorts of wonderful things happen!!! THE GOOD NEWS is the Creek is looking so much clearer and classes will be getting in the water at 4:30. The Canoe Club is on their down river trip today and they LOVE getting out of Camp and kayaking on the Guadalupe. Tonight’s activity is Sub Deb Waterfront and tomorrow evening we will have a cook-out on the Waterfront for the entire Camp. Sunday we will have Jr Deb Waterfront and that evening we will have our Carnival. Wish you could see how much fun they have dressing in costumes and just dancing and being silly. It’s crazy fun. Remember, this is NOT a visiting weekend ~ you will be able to visit next weekend for the Horseshow. More about that next week. Enjoy your weekend and we will do the same!

“Camp made me tolerant”

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