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July 3, 2020

First term is off to a fast start.  We had a WONDERFUL Opening Day on Wednesday followed by tribe drawings for the new campers, registration and tribe meetings.  Thursday was the first day of classes and everyone is learning their schedules.  Tonight we will have our Big and Little Sister rally on the flagpole field and that is always a fun event.  Summer camp and having the girls be socially distant has been a challenge but the girls are doing everything we ask of them – think they are just so excited to be here and out of the city!!!

Taking pictures has also been a small challenge and if you see the girls without masks that means they are in the same cabin and that is their family and that’s ok.  Masks mean they are different cabins and that’s ok too.  We are trying so hard to keep them 6 feet apart and they have been troopers about wearing their masks whenever we ask.

I hope to post pictures every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mid-morning.  If I am not right on time, it means something has come up and I will get them posted as soon as I can.

Last night I saw a group of 8B campers running by chasing each other and I said, “that’s why we worked so hard to make camp happen.”  Listening to the girls giggle and scream makes it all worth it.  This will be a summer to remember for sure.

Enjoy the photos!

“If I could be at camp everyday that would be my definition of heaven.”