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July 15, 2020

Monday evening we had Canoe Races – the girls did a great job and we had so many close races!  Yesterday was Merry Half Christmas followed by the Dance performance and our final movie, “Newsies.”  They go crazy for this movie every single time.  Tonight is the final cabin night and Cabin 12 will have a special surprise – my lips are sealed.  Tomorrow is the last day of classes for the term and then we will have Cabin 12 Vespers.   Kudos to Cabins 10,8, and 1 for getting breakfast in bed this morning for winning Honor Cabin 3 weeks in a row!  This is a big deal and proves they really can clean when food is the incentive!!

This term has flown by and we are grateful that everyone has remained healthy and safe.  We just pray second term arrives healthy too.

I probably won’t load pictures until Sunday or Monday from the Closing Events.  Don’t forget to watch Watershow, Serenades and Awards on our Facebook page.  Fingers crossed for good internet service that day – sometimes in Hunt, Texas we have issues, but we will do our best.

Remember when you come on Saturday, stay in your car and hand us your application for 2021.  This is going to be so hard not to hug everyone good-bye, but we can do it!!!

“The friends I made at Camp are people who have had the greatest impact on my life.”