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August 3, 2020

Wow – Our weekend was full of so many activities.  Saturday morning we slept a little later  followed by Water Day.  That is such a fun break in the routine and all the girls loved being wet all day.  Saturday evening we had a camp-wide cookout on the Waterfont.  We are doing all of our evening activities outside in cabin groups and that has been just great.  Sunday morning we had the Horseshow and I am happy to report that all the horses were on their best behavior.  After Rest Period we had some hilarious races for Jr Deb and Deb Waterfront followed by our Carnival last night.  I wish you could have seen and heard the girls dancing and having crazy fun at the Carnival.  It seemed like they had more fun than normal – it made us all so happy to see them so happy!

Tonight we will have Happy Half Valentines and the last movie of the term, “Newsies.”  Canoe Races will be tomorrow evening and that is always a favorite activity.  The end of this term is approaching rapidly and no one wants to talk about it.  Remember, we will be live streaming the Watershow and Serenades on Friday and the Awards on Saturday morning.  Be sure you follow the Camp Honey Creek page on Facebook so you can watch it.

Departure times have been emailed and we hope you will follow the order of pick-up.  This will be harder than Opening – please stay in your car when you are directed to your area and someone will load your car.   This will especially be hard for all the Dads who have a certain way to load – but we will do our best.

Eighteen days is not enough but we are so thankful we had some camp – a little camp is better than no camp!  What a summer!!!

“I need only one word to express why I so loved Camp:  Friendship.”