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May 19, 2021

Our second Mother/Daughter Weekend was just perfect.  We worried the rain would bother us Saturday, but we just had a little drizzle and we were fine.  So happy everyone got to get a little taste of CHC.  

Thanks, once again, to our wonderful helpers.  They led horses around and around, helped with archery and BB, got in the chilly creek to lifeguard, served all the meals and made everyone a s’more to finish a beautiful day.  We could never do this without them and we wouldn’t want to – for sure!

Hopefully, next spring we will have four “normal” weekends and for now we focus on getting ready for June 3rd!

Enjoy the photos.

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May 10, 2021 Mother/Daughter

After a long year we were FINALLY able to have our first Mother Daughter Weekend. Everyone followed our protocols and arrived vaccinated or tested.  We wore masks inside and had a great weekend.  Saturday was so rainy and everyone was patient with our Plan B.  We played games, did a little Arts and Crafts and when the sun finally came out we were blessed with a beautiful double rainbow that made it all worthwhile.  Luckily, we found some dry wood and everyone was able to have a s’more!!

Thank you so much to our wonderful helpers who worked so hard to organize and carry out our Plan B.  We couldn’t do these weekends without them and appreciate their time and energy.  Hopefully next spring we will be back to four weekends and life will return to normal – fingers crossed.

Enjoy the photos!