It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

June 14, 2021

We hope you all had a great weekend.  We sure did!  Friday night we had Game Night on the Field – a new activity and it was a great success.  The kids, counselors and staff seemed to really enjoy playing all the different games.

Saturday night we had a camp-wide cookout on the Waterfront and then celebrated our 20th summer with a giant cake.  It is so hard for us to believe that we are celebrating 20 summers – what a journey.

Yesterday we said goodbye to our 1A campers and the 1B girls arrived right before Rest Period.  They registered for classes while everyone else had Free Swim.  The weather has turned HOT – we got spoiled the first week when it was so cool.  Welcome to summer in Texas.  We ended the last night with a movie, “Coco”.

We are having some email issues and wanted you to know that we have called our computer person and they are working on the problem.  We are able to send emails, but some that you are sending are not getting here or going to our Spam folder.  We sure hope to get this resolved today or tomorrow. I know it’s frustrating and we are frustrated too.  Technology is grand when it works.  Sure hope you all don’t have to write a real letter and mail it like a caveman!  Fingers crossed for help today.  So sorry.

“If I could be at Camp everyday that would be my definition of heaven.”

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