It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

June 18, 2021

It’s great to report that all is good On The Creek this morning.  Wednesday night we had another Cabin Night and the tribes are busy in the evenings with try outs and practices for Tribe Shows.  Tonight they will have more practices and the officers and Debs are working on the props and backdrops.

Tomorrow we will have a final day of rehearsals and then the show will begin at 9:00 pm.  Remember we will record this and post it on our Facebook page some time Sunday.  Sunday we will also have Jr Deb Waterfront and our famous Carnival.  The girls will all be in costumes and we will dance and act crazy ~ it’s always a fun event.  Monday we will have a small sleep in (until 9:30) and then Water Day all day Monday.  This is a great break in the term and everyone stays wet all day.  The girls love it and let me tell you, it’s been hot enough for this activity for sure.

Enjoy your weekend and we will do the same at CHC!!

“At Camp I  had more of a sense of belonging than anywhere else in the world.”

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