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July 30, 2021

Happy Friday from The Creek.  We had our last Cabin Night on Wednesday and the weather was just perfect for that.  Yesterday we had the Deb and Jr Deb Archery Tournaments.  The Sub Debs had an INTENSE Gaga tournament – man, some of these girls are serious about their Gaga skills.  If you don’t know what Gaga Ball is – ask your daughter.  Cabin 12 got all dressed up and brushed their hair and went to Bridget’s Basket in downtown Hunt for a special dinner.  They reported that it was “awesome.”  I think getting out of Camp is always a special time for them.

Tonight the Deb Archery, Campcraft and Riflery clubs will have a cook-out on the hill and the Sub Debs will have their Archery Tournament.  Saturday evening we will have the second round of Rock Star and Cabin 12 will finally go on their overnight.   Sunday we will have the Horseshow in the morning, Deb Waterfront in the afternoon and “Newsises” to end the day.  So hard to believe that we have one more week of camp.  Katie asked a Sub Deb what her favorite food at camp was this summer and her reply was “Blow Pops.”  Gotta love the honesty of our little ones.

Have a great weekend and we will do the same and try to make the days slow down a bit.

“Camp is my second home.”

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July 28, 2021

Good morning from CHC!  

Sunday night the girls watched “Princess Diaries” on the flagpole field and all seemed to enjoy that.  Yesterday we celebrated Happy Half Valentines complete with cupids with all the girls  dressed in pink and red.   Tonight we will have our last Cabin Night.  Cabin 12 will go to Bridget’s Basket tomorrow evening for a special dinner and they are excited about that.  It’s so hard to believe we are nearing the end of the term.  We will  email your departure time very soon and we have mailed you an application card via snail mail for next summer.  Please fill that out and bring it with you at Closing with your deposit to reserve a spot for 2022.  Enjoy the photos.

“My favorite shirts are camp shirts.”

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July 26, 2021

WOW – We had a great weekend at CHC.  The girls did a great job with Tribe Shows on Saturday night.  The Kickapoos won 286 to 274.  It always amazes me with what they can do with a crazy title and a little paint and cardboard.  This is the first time this term we have not had visitors for the show and the girls seemed less stressed, etc. (hate to tell you this).  Anyway, it was a great production for both tribes.

Sunday afternoon we had Jr Deb Waterfront with some CRAZY races and the Pawnees were victorious with this event.  So fun.  Last night we had our carnival and the girls were all in costumes and danced the night away.  I wish you could see and hear how much fun they have – just being kids.  It’s a wonderful time for all.

Today we had a sleep-in until 9:30 and now it’s Water Day which is a great break in the routine.  The campers are doing water activities all day and screaming and giggling like crazy.  They love it.   We will end the day with a movie and back to our normal class routine tomorrow and celebrate Happy Half Valentines.  Enjoy the photos – there’s a bunch!

“A day at camp is like a week at home.”

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July 23, 2021

It’s great to report that all is good On The Creek this morning.  Wednesday night we had another Cabin Night and the tribes are busy in the evenings with try outs and practices for Tribe Shows.  Tonight they will have more practices and the officers and Debs are working on the props and backdrops.

Tomorrow we will have a final day of rehearsals and then the show will begin at 9:00 pm.  Remember we will record this and post it on our Facebook page some time Sunday.  Sunday we will  have Jr Deb Waterfront and our famous Carnival.  The girls will all be in costumes and we will dance and act crazy ~ it’s always a fun event.  Monday we will have a small sleep in (until 9:30) and then Water Day all day Monday.  This is a great break in the term and everyone stays wet all day.  The girls love it!

Enjoy your weekend and we will do the same at CHC!!

“Camp satisfies my soul.”

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July 21, 2021

Things are still great on The Creek.  Monday night Cabin 12’s overnight got rained out (this will be rescheduled)  and the rest of the camp had Cabin Song Night at the Memorial Arbor hosted by Cabin 11B.  Tuesday night all the girls went up their Tribe Hills to welcome the 2B campers and it was great ~ especially since they couldn’t go up at Opening because of the rain.  

We are having a change in the schedule this term. This Saturday we will have Tribe Shows without visitors.  The Big Chiefs drew for the title last night and “Two Seconds Too Late” won.  We plan to record this show and post it on our Facebook page on Sunday so you can all see it.  If you haven’t liked our Camp Honey Creek for Girls page on Facebook, now is the time to do that so you can see Tribe Shows and some of the Closing Events. You don’t want to miss it.   

Tonight is Cabin Night and the officers will begin try-outs for Tribe Shows.  We have had some rain and that makes scheduling kind of difficult but, so far so good.  We have learned long ago that we can control just about anything but the weather and that Plan B usually works!

” Camp is my happy place.”