It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

July 21, 2021

Things are still great on The Creek.  Monday night Cabin 12’s overnight got rained out (this will be rescheduled)  and the rest of the camp had Cabin Song Night at the Memorial Arbor hosted by Cabin 11B.  Tuesday night all the girls went up their Tribe Hills to welcome the 2B campers and it was great ~ especially since they couldn’t go up at Opening because of the rain.  

We are having a change in the schedule this term. This Saturday we will have Tribe Shows without visitors.  The Big Chiefs drew for the title last night and “Two Seconds Too Late” won.  We plan to record this show and post it on our Facebook page on Sunday so you can all see it.  If you haven’t liked our Camp Honey Creek for Girls page on Facebook, now is the time to do that so you can see Tribe Shows and some of the Closing Events. You don’t want to miss it.   

Tonight is Cabin Night and the officers will begin try-outs for Tribe Shows.  We have had some rain and that makes scheduling kind of difficult but, so far so good.  We have learned long ago that we can control just about anything but the weather and that Plan B usually works!

” Camp is my happy place.”

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