It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

August 4, 2021

The days are just going too fast.  All of the sudden the summer is coming to an end.  Last night we had an exciting night of Canoe Races – always a favorite.  The Kickapoos won the races and they were all so good. This morning the Staff served Breakfast in Bed to Cabins 2 and 12 – they won Honor Cabin four weeks in a row!  Cabin 12 has done this for 8 years!  You see, they can clean their rooms – ice cream and treats are great incentives.

Today is the last day of classes and this evening we will have practices for Closing.   Tomorrow the girls will have more practices for their Closing events and we will have Cabin 12 Vespers to end the day.  Cabin 12 will give their reflections on their years at camp and it’s always a beautiful tribute.  The final pictures of Closing activities will be posted Monday.   We will see you in a few days and safe travels on Saturday.  

“Never again will I find friends like my camp friends.”

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