It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

June 15, 2022

Happy Wednesday!!  Monday night we had Cabin Song night hosted by Cabin 11B – they girls did a great job.  Last night we had Tribe meetings for the 1B campers and then we drew for the title of Tribe Shows on Saturday night.  The title is, “And so it begins…”  It will be fun to see what the girls will do with this one.  Tonight we will have Cabin Night and the officers will be working on Tribe Shows.  We hope to video Tribe Shows and then upload it to YouTube.  In a perfect world, this may work.  We will see how our internet is behaving that day – stay tuned for more information.  We are hoping that the 100 degree weather is OVER.  The wind has been crazy but overall the weather is much better than last week.

“You will probably never understand me if you haven’t gone to camp.”

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