It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

July 29, 2022

Happy Friday from CHC! It’s so hard to believe that in ONE week you will all be headed this way.  I am not sure everyone is ready for this term to end.  Seems like a lot of happy girls here.  Wednesday we had our last Cabin Night and Cabin 12 had dinner at Bridget’s Basket in Hunt.  They had a great time and loved being out in the real world for a couple of hours.  Wednesday we had the Rifle/Pistol tournament and yesterday we had the Deb and Jr Deb Archery Tournaments.  The Sub Debs had a rousing GaGa Ball tournament ~ they are serious when they play GaGa.  If you don’t know what GaGa ball is, ask your daughter and she can explain it to you – it has nothing to do with the singer!!!  Tonight we will have a cook-out on the hill for the Robinettes, Riflettes, Cedar Choppers, TDs, and BWs.   These are the Deb Archery, Riflery/Pistol, Campcraft and Riding clubs.  It’s a great time ~ it’s all about the food grilled on an open fire! The Sub Debs will be playing Gold Rush on the field ~ they LOVE this game.  Tomorrow night’s activity is a Drama Production and the Dance classes will perform.   Sunday we will have the Horseshow (we will video this and add it to YouTube like we did Tribe Shows) and Deb Waterfront followed by the last movie of the term, “Newsies.”  We are sending an an email about Closing today – let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Happy Weekend!

” Never again will I find friends like my Camp friends.”

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