It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

June 28, 2023

I just can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!  The girls will be busy with practices tonight for Closing.  Last night we had Canoe Races and they were just great!  This morning the Staff served breakfast in bed to Cabins 11B, 10 and 8.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL ~ all checks for four weeks in a row!  You see, they can clean their rooms ~ you just need to offer ice cream and food as a reward!  We are very proud of them.  I do not think I will post pictures Friday, but you never know. 

Remember if you are coming to the Watershow on Friday, the gates will open at 9:15 am and the Watershow will begin  at 9:30.  You will stay on the other side of the creek and your camper will come over after Watershow for a quick hug and then you will leave.  We will be packing Friday in order to have everything ready for Saturday morning. You may arrive at 6:00 for Serenades at 7:00 and leave after the show.  Saturday  the gates will open at 9:00 am to load cars and the Awards Ceremony will begin at 10:00 and you should be on the road by 11:00.  Don’t forget to bring your application card and $300 deposit for next summer.  Safe travels to all and stay cool (good luck with that).  

The links for the Horseshow are listed below today’s photos.

” Camp makes me a better person.”


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