It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

July 24, 2023

Good Morning from CHC.  Saturday night we had some Wonderful Tribe Shows.  The Pawnees won 294-288.  Both groups did an excellent job – I will email you the links to the shows later via Constant Contact.  Last night we had a rocking Carnival ~ I just wish you could see these girls dancing and laughing and just having so much fun.  It’s so great.  Today had a sleep-in and Water Day all day and a movie tonight.  Tomorrow is Happy Half Valentines and Wednesday is our last Cabin Night.  We are getting some questions about the Closing schedule and that will also be in the email I send later today.  Can’t believe it’s already time to talk about Closing – don’t tell Cabin 12 – they get too sad when Closing is even mentioned!

“At summer camp, memories are always made and they never fade.”

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