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August 11, 2020

We can’t believe that Second Term is over!!! We hope you were able to watch all the Closing activities on Facebook.  Sometimes our internet service is not the best, but think it worked ok.  Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for trusting us this summer – we know it wasn’t always easy, but everyone did their very best and that’s all we asked.  Just think, when the girls return to school they will be the role models for wearing masks – wearing a mask in 100 plus heat was a challenge but these girls never complained – think they were just so happy to be at Camp.

If you haven’t registered for 2021, please mail your application card and deposit to reserve your spot.  Here’s hoping and praying that 2021 will be more of a normal summer!!

“There is nothing I believe in more than the power of summer camp.”

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

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August 5, 2020

Monday evening we had Happy Half Valentines followed by the infamous movie, “Newsies>”  The girls go nuts over this show.  Last night we had Canoe Races – the canoers did a great job!   Tonight is the final cabin night and Cabin 12 will have a special surprise – my lips are sealed.  Tomorrow is the last day of classes for the term and then we will have Cabin 12 Vespers.   Kudos to Cabins 6 and 11B (seven years in a row!)  for getting breakfast in bed this morning for winning Honor Cabin 3 weeks in a row!  This is a big deal and proves they really can clean when food is the incentive!!

This term has flown by and we are grateful that everyone has remained healthy and safe.  

I probably won’t load pictures until Sunday or Monday from the Closing Events.  Don’t forget to watch Watershow, Serenades and Awards on our Facebook page.  Fingers crossed for good internet service that day – sometimes in Hunt, Texas we have issues, but we will do our best.

Remember when you come on Saturday, stay in your car and hand us your application for 2021 to reserve your spot.  This is going to be so hard not to hug everyone good-bye, but we can do it!!!

“You can leave Camp, but Camp never seems to leave you.”

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August 3, 2020

Wow – Our weekend was full of so many activities.  Saturday morning we slept a little later  followed by Water Day.  That is such a fun break in the routine and all the girls loved being wet all day.  Saturday evening we had a camp-wide cookout on the Waterfont.  We are doing all of our evening activities outside in cabin groups and that has been just great.  Sunday morning we had the Horseshow and I am happy to report that all the horses were on their best behavior.  After Rest Period we had some hilarious races for Jr Deb and Deb Waterfront followed by our Carnival last night.  I wish you could have seen and heard the girls dancing and having crazy fun at the Carnival.  It seemed like they had more fun than normal – it made us all so happy to see them so happy!

Tonight we will have Happy Half Valentines and the last movie of the term, “Newsies.”  Canoe Races will be tomorrow evening and that is always a favorite activity.  The end of this term is approaching rapidly and no one wants to talk about it.  Remember, we will be live streaming the Watershow and Serenades on Friday and the Awards on Saturday morning.  Be sure you follow the Camp Honey Creek page on Facebook so you can watch it.

Departure times have been emailed and we hope you will follow the order of pick-up.  This will be harder than Opening – please stay in your car when you are directed to your area and someone will load your car.   This will especially be hard for all the Dads who have a certain way to load – but we will do our best.

Eighteen days is not enough but we are so thankful we had some camp – a little camp is better than no camp!  What a summer!!!

“I need only one word to express why I so loved Camp:  Friendship.”

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July 31, 2020

Our first Cabin Night on Wednesday was a lot of fun for the girls.  Last night the Sub Debs and Jr Debs played Gold Rush and the Riflery, Archery and Riding clubs went on a cook-out on the hill.  Tonight we will have Sub Deb Waterfront and tomorrow we will have a sleep-in, Water Day and a camp wide cook-out on the waterfront.  The days are going way too fast around here.  

We are sending an email in a few minutes about the departure time for Closing Day, August 8th.  If you have any questions, please email or call.  We are going to Live Stream the Watershow – 10 am Friday, Serenades 7:00 pm on Friday and the Awards on Saturday morning at 9:30 on our Camp Honey Creek Facebook page.  If you are not following that page, please go follow us so this will all work for you next weekend.

Have a happy weekend and we will do the same.

“Camp was the first place I laughed so hard I cried.”